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note: trriad is currently in development

trriad is a ruby library that deals with musical chord notation. It acts as an extension to the ruby String class. You can use trriad to construct chords from the notation name (i.e. “Cm” becomes “C,Eb,G”.


sudo gem install trriad

The basics

Demonstration of usage

For now, trriad isn’t able to much things… just the following:

getting scales

“C”.scale => [“C”, “D”, “E”, “F”, “G”, “A”, “B”]

“Bb”.scale => [“Bb”, “C”, “D”, “Eb”, “F”, “G”, “A”]

checking for valid notes

“C”.is_valid_note -> true

“W”.is_valid_note -> false

Todo Todo


How to submit patches

Read the 8 steps for fixing other people’s code and for section 8b: Submit patch to Google Groups, use the Google Group above.

The trunk repository is svn:// for anonymous access.


This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.


Comments are welcome. Send an email to Jeroen Janssen email.

Dr Nic, 2nd June 2007
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